The opportunity to chose one single reference partner for all services.

We deal with all the paper work and formalities necessary for your participation at international fairs and events; we offer the following services to any interested parties:

  • Selection and booking of exhibition areas.
  • Designing of turn-key or customized solutions.
  • Information about international events and relevant reference markets.
  • Technical assistance and service support before, during and after the event.
  • Specialized meeting and workshops with companies and experts of reference sectors.
  • Organization of tasting and catering during fairs and events.
  • Promotion and publicity in the most important international magazines.
  • Assistance and support for visiting fairs and exhibitions.
  • Support for the filling-out participation forms.
  • Interpreting and hostessing services.
  • Travel packages.
  • Selection of forwarding companies for the transport of goods.

The fairs we work represent a large number of sectors: food and agriculture, HO.RE.CA house equipment, furniture, fashion, accessories, jewellery, make-up, tourism, leisure time activities, building industry, nursery planting and gardening.

The countries hosting these events are mainly: the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Russia, the Ukraine, Italy, the UK, Portugal, Germany, France, Denmark, the Emirates, Turkey and India.
Our job is not limited to simply selling exhibition spaces and representing the major international fair entities, we also offer services targeted and tailored to specific requirements thus ensuring great success for our customers’ trade fair participation.